Equality & Diversity

Here you can find our official statements on Equality and Diversity, and Environmental Sustainability, as well as the sustainability report for the 2016/17 year. Also archived are the results from the most recent Equality and Diversity Survey, and the results from the most recent student satisfaction survey. The Balloon Accreditation scheme is run by the union to record and reward the actions of student societies, with respect to the Union’s key values.

Equality & Diversity

This month, we will run our first Equality and Diversity survey, in order to discover where we can improve and to set goals for the next year. The questions can be found below:




Balloon Accreditation Scheme

In 2016, the Union began their Balloon Accreditation Scheme, designed to record and reward the actions of student societies with respect to their highest values. Below are the results from our 2016/17 participation in the Scheme.


Equality & Welfare Report

What is Chaos currently doing to produce an atmosphere of equality and inclusiveness?

  • Diverse Speakers
    Chaos has run several talks over the course of the past two years from a range of speakers both from academic and industrial backgrounds. We try to bring in a diverse range of speakers, especially those who are able to talk about their experience as women in science. We would like to expand on the diversity of speakers we bring in by hosting talks discussing a wider range of experiences, e.g. those from LGBT+ speakers and BME speakers, especially as the physics cohort is predominantly white and male.
  • Parenting Scheme
    At the beginning of each year Chaos runs a parenting scheme that matches incoming first year students with ‘parents’ from the years above. This scheme has increased in scale over recent years and now almost all first years are part of the scheme.

What is Chaos doing to encourage a diverse membership?

  • Diverse Events
    Chaos is committed to putting on a diverse range of events accessible to all undergraduates. Alongside our annual fresher’s bar crawl and other alcohol-centred events, many of our events are not drinking-focussed, something that has been widely praised by our members.
  • LGBT+ Network
    This year Chaos has formed a Chaos LGBT+ network, a secret Facebook group and mailing list of students from the society who have the option of attending Chaos LGBT+ events such as coffee meet-ups. We hope to expand this is the future with a wider range of events on offer and collaborations with the LGBT+ society.

Harassment and Discrimination

Chaos has received no complaints of harassment or discrimination at society events, and no survey respondents reported having experienced any issues.

Further Actions

  • Further Inclusion
    Chaos does not currently have many postgraduate members, despite their being an appreciable cohort of both postgraduate taught and postgraduate research students studying within physics. To combat this Chaos could hold specifically postgraduate-oriented events, bearing in mind that many postgraduate students may have caring responsibilities or part-time jobs which may make it difficult for them to attend events in the evenings. Postgraduate students do not subscribe to the same term dates as undergraduate students do, and so holding postgraduate events over holidays when there is not much else on could be very beneficial. This would also benefit international students who may not travel home over shorter breaks such as Easter. To facilitate this, a motion was passed at this years AGM to amend the constitution to include a postgraduate representative on the committee, to be elected in October similarly to the first year rep position.