The Constitution

The Consitution of the University of Bristol Physics Society (Chaos)
Last Updated: Chaos AGM 2018 (18/04/18)


Part 1: Name and Object

1a. The Name of the Society

The name of the Society shall be ‘The University of Bristol Physics Society’, or ‘Chaos’, hereafter referred to as ‘the Society’.

1b. The Aims of the Society

The Society shall:

  1. Provide social and educational events and opportunities for Physicists and others in the University of Bristol.
  2. Provide those students interested in Physics with the opportunity of furthering their general interest in Physics.
  3. Encourage interest in Astronomy and to encourage amateur observing.
  4. Be a social focus for the students of the Physics department.
  5. Always aim to abide by the Union’s Code of Conduct


2a. Conditions of Membership

  1. Life membership is open to all members of the Bristol Students’ Union by application to the Society, and cannot expire.
  2. One Year membership is likewise open to all members of the Bristol Students’ Union by application to the Society, but will expire after one year.
  3. A list of all members shall be kept in the Society records, to be made available to the Societies Network if requested.

2b. Membership Fee

  1. The membership fee for One Year membership shall be no less than 1/3 of the price of the Life Membership.
  2. The membership fee for each type shall be fixed at the discretion of the Committee at the start of each term of office, that is to say between the AGM and the end of the academic year.


3a. Requirements of the Committee

  1. There shall be a Committee which is the decision making body of the Society, who must all be members of the Society.
  2. The Committee shall be responsible for the general and financial policy of the Society, subject to such rules as laid out in the Union’s Constitution and Bylaws, and any rulings made by the Societies Network.
  3. Quoracy for Committee meetings shall be set at 50% of the post filled positions rounded up.
  4. All members of the Committee shall have equal voting rights, and while a unanimous decision should always be the goal of any vote, any ties shall be broken by the President, or if they are not present, the Vice-President.
  5. All Committee meetings must be minuted by the Secretary (or other Committee member if they are not available), and these minutes circulated to the Committee before the next meeting.
  6. The Committee shall ensure that Physbar is opened and attended to every weekday lunchtime other than Wednesday.
  7. The Committee will always be comprised of the Executive Committee at a minimum, who shall be responsible for ensuring that the remaining roles, listed below, are filled. Where appropriate, Committee members may be elected to multiple positions.
  8. If a member of the Committee has proven to be neglectful in their duties by not attending a month’s worth of meetings (except if their presence has been deemed not necessary for any of these by the rest of the Committee, or by other exceptional circumstances), it shall be required that the remaining Committee to discuss removing and replacing said member.
  9. Committee members will receive no financial preferential treatment, such as free entry to events. In the exceptional circumstance that no Committee member is willing to buy a ticket to a given event, the organiser of said event will be provided with a free ticket so that they can run the event. If this exceptional circumstance is not given, Committee members will be expected to pay the same price as any other member. However, if the society would have to pay an external provider for a service and a committee member provides this service they should be paid for this service an amount determined by the exec committee.

3b. Executive Committee

  1. The four Officers of the Society shall be the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.
  2. These roles shall be filled before any other at the AGM
  3. The responsibilities of these roles are as follows:
    • President
      Responsible for the running of the society. The President will chair meetings, represent the Society, and ensure that the aims of the Society are fulfilled. They must also make sure that Society events are sufficiently publicised to members, and that the finances of the Society are being used to fulfil its aims.
    • Vice-President
      Will support the President, chair meetings if the President is not available, and ensure the smooth day-to-day running of the Society.
    • Treasurer
      Responsible for the finances of the Society for their term and supporting the next. They should ensure that committee members are financially supported in meeting their goals in accordance with the aims of the society. The Treasurer should work in a manner that can be effectively audited.
    • Secretary
      Responsible for organising the weekly meetings of the Committee, organising the agenda and writing minutes for these meetings, and making them available to the rest of the Committee. Also will maintain Society documents and records and book rooms for Society events. They will also organise the AGM towards the end of the academic year.

3c. Non-Executive Committee

  1. (a) The Non-Executive Committee shall be composed of a Social Secretary, Representatives for Physbar, Physball, Sports, Equality and Welfare, Talks, Sponsorship, Trips, Astronomy, Promotions & Design and Promotions & Publishing.
  2. The responsibilities of these roles are as follows:
    • Social Secretary
      To organise and run social events for all members. These should include a range of drinking and non-drinking socials.
    • Physbar Representative
      Responsible for stocking, budgeting, scheduling, buying and repairing machines and general running of Physbar, the tuckshop in the School of Physics.
    • Physball Representatives
      To organise the annual Society Ball, which shall be a formal event. Must make decisions and organise the location, tickets, music and activities, reporting back to the Committee as appropriate. Ideally there should be 2 people filling this role. Physball Representatives for the following year’s Committee shall be elected in January and serve on the Committee until December 31st of the same year. Their responsibilities until the AGM shall be to book a venue for Physball and to help the existing Physball Representatives organise the Summer Graduation event. They will become full members of the Committee at the AGM. The Physball Representatives shall have the right to create a Physball sub-Committee, if needed, to help manage Physball. Members of the sub-Committee can come either from within the Committee or outside the Committee. If from outside the Committee, the sub-Committee will not have a vote or attend Committee meetings.
    • Sports Representative
      To organise the running of Society sports teams for the intramural sports leagues, and ensure that Union sports fees are paid by members.
    • Equality and Welfare Representative
      Responsible for organising the Parenting Scheme at the beginning of the academic year, and to ensure that early social events are ‘family friendly’. Additionally, they will fill the role of Equality Officer and take responsibility for the Society’s completion of the Balloon Accreditation Scheme. They will also be the point of contact for all Networks and help the Chairs to manage these.
    • Talks Representative
      To organise relevant talks, by contacting potential speakers or organisations who would provide them, and maintaining relationships between previous speakers and the Society in order to facilitate repeat visits.
    • Sponsorship and Careers Representative
      Responsible for obtaining sponsorship for the Society and its events. Run careers oriented events throughout the year for Society members.
    • Astronomy Representative
      To work alongside the Social Secretary to organise Astrophysics and Astronomy related events for Society members, at least two a term. They shall be responsible for operating and maintaining Astronomy themed equipment owned by the Society
    • Promotions and Design Representative
      Responsible for designing promotional images for the Society as required by other Committee members.
    • Promotions and Publishing Representative
      Responsible for publishing promotional material for upcoming events in a timely manner, both in digital and physical form, as required by other Committee members. Also responsible for maintaining the Chaos website.
    • Trips Representative
      To organise both academic and non-academic trips outside of the University and Bristol.

3d. First Year Representative and Postgraduate Representative

  1. In addition to these roles, a First Year and Foundation Year Representative will be elected at the beginning of the academic year. During Welcome Week, the first year and postgraduate students will be given an opportunity to send an application to the Committee, which will be posted on the Society website and sent to the respective years via email. A poll will then be sent to the years, and the entrants with the most votes will gain the role.
  2. The responsibilities of this Representative will be to liaise with the E&W Rep and the Social Secretary, as well as the rest of the Committee to ensure that their year is properly included in the events of the year. They will also organise two first and foundation year socials during the year.


4a. Requirements of the Treasurer

  1. The accounts of the Society should be made available for auditing by a member of the University Staff and submitted to the Union Societies Network/Development Team when requested, and at least once per annum.
  2. All financial arrangements must be made in accordance with current instructions to Society Treasurers, as set down by the Societies Executive.
  3. The Union Development Team shall be empowered to issue financial instructions on behalf of the Society if: The Society folds with outstanding financial affairs, or Change of mandate forms are not completed, and the previous Committee are out of reasonable contact, or Financial irregularities are found.


5a. General Meetings

  1. There shall be an Annual General Meeting (AGM) once per academic year, and this shall take place between the start of March and the end of the Union’s Handover period.
  2. Notices of such meetings must be sent to the Society’s membership via email with at least 14 days notice. An agenda must be sent out with at least 7 days notice, via email and also in poster form.
  3. Quorum of these meetings shall be twice the Committee size plus one.
  4. An Emergency General Meeting (EGM) may be called at any time by the Committee or 5% of the membership of the Society by application to the Secretary. There shall be 7 days notice given via email before an EGM.

5b. Elections

  1. Elections shall be held at the AGM to elect Officers and Representatives for the following annual session. Officers can only be removed from their posts by an AGM, EGM, voluntary resignation or a majority vote by the remaining Committee.
  2. If Committee positions are left unfilled after the AGM then the Committee shall have the power to temporarily co-opt a member of the Society onto the Committee to fill a vacant role. This could be for a single event or a set of tasks, but the co-opted members are not regarded as full Committee members and can be removed at any time.
  3. The voting system shall be first-past-the-post, with the currently presiding President having the casting vote, and shall be conducted by a show of hands.
  4. There shall be a period of time between the AGM and an official handover session, where leaving Committee members can educate those entering on the running of the Society.

5c. Constitutional Amendments

  1. Any amendment to this constitution shall require quoracy of twice Committee members plus one present at a properly constituted AGM or EGM.

  2. All such amendments shall only become valid after approval by the Societies Network.


6a. The Student’s Union

The Society shall be officially affiliated with the University of Bristol Students Union.

6b. The Institute of Physics

The Society shall be affiliated with the Institute of Physics via its University Student Network.