University of Bristol Physics Society

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Who we are

We are a historic society, known to have existed since the 1930s, that is run by students for students. Over the years we have grown to become the largest departmental society in the university, with over 600 members. The society is organised by our elected committee and is open to all students from the University of Bristol. We are very proud to have recently won Best Society at the National Societies Awards 2019, after already winning Best Academic and Careers Society in 2018.

What we do

We aim to create a sense of community amongst those studying, or just interested in, physics. Throughout the year we organise a variety of social events, from our Christmas formal (Physball) to trips to the pub and, in the summer, barbecues. There is also an academic side to the society, with talks on areas from research to popular science and past speakers including Simon Singh and Brady Haran. Over the year, we put on trips to places such as JET (a fusion reactor in Oxfordshire), CERN in Geneva, and Stefánik’s Observatory in Prague, as well as providing a pastoral 'parenting' system. From social events to academic help, we aim to get our members what they need to get the most out of their time at Bristol. 



As soon as you have your university login details you can sign up through the Chaos SU page.