Got a problem? Want to find course mates?

Usually someone will form a Facebook group for your year group and this can be a great way to ask questions and get in touch with your peers. At the time of writing this all the year groups in physics have their own group. To see if you have got one I would recommend searching on Facebook for "University of Bristol physics" and the year you are joining.

The 2017/2018 years groups are linked below:

Tips For Exams

Sometimes as a first you can find the format of exams confusing and have questions about the feedback they give you. Check out this document to see some tips. (it's currently a work in progress document but most of it is there)

Mediasite too slow? 

When lectures are recorded using mediasite there's an option for the lecturer to allow you to change the speed of the playback. Sometimes they don't allow this and we know that can be unhelpful. But there is a simple fix. All you have to do is add "&?usehtml5=true" to the URL and the option should appear (don't copy the quotation marks).

General Formal Report Help

Formal reports are one of the central focuses of the Laboratory element of your degree here at Bristol and they are worth a considerable amount, but prior to University not many people have experience in this area and there are many ways to improve them that are not always remembered. Check out this document for some tips put together by a 4th year Harry Birch (2017)

Formal Report LaTeX Template

If you're using LaTeX then it can be useful to start from some template when creating your reports. Different templates vary what packaged are use and what example are given to adapt to your report. Here is a link to the third year MSci students template that they are given with some extra parts customised by students in their later years using the online overleaf application. Here's a link to the project files if you don't want to use overleaf.

Got suggestions? Use the contact us form in the menu or speak to one of the committee members (email addresses on the committee page under about).