What a committee role can mean to you

Over the Easter period the Chaos committee members will each be posting what the chaos role has meant to them and what they think is needed for someone to run for this position. Stay tuned to this blog for the posts.

Chris Meardon
Webmaster & Promotions

Bristol Chaos
Academic Help on BristolChaos.com

Chaos has used this website previously for holding information about the society and displaying what we are up to, but as a society we focus on other aspects of student life too.
Focussing on this we have started to  make a move to provide more academic help on this site that the university doesn't already offer. Watch the academic tab for updates.

More TBA

Chris Meardon (Webmaster & Promotions) 

Bristol Chaos
Overleaf Campus Challenge 2017

Overleaf has put on a worldwide challenge for Universities to compete to win Overleaf goodies up until the end of March. Ducks and free pro memberships for the whole institution are up for stake with regional awards as well as worldwide.

Just signing in and looking at your work earns us ducks and if you have used it in the past then you could be worth hundreds of ducks! 

The University of Bristol is currently only 44th in the competition so get working on earning your ducks on their challenge page here!

and yes... ducks seem to now be a currency


Chris Meardon
Webmaster & Promotions

Bristol Chaos
Prof Peter Barham - Penguins

WHAT : A talk about: Penguins

WHO : Prof Peter Barham - Former lecturer at Bristol and food/ penguin scientist

WHERE : Mott lecture theatre in the Physics building

WHEN : on Thursday 23rd of February, from 6-7pm


Bristol Chaos
CHAOS goes to SWX w/ PUB trip

Join Chaos go our first social event of the year heading first to the pub and then onto SWX later on for a night of DJ Dean Mac and SWX antics. 

First stop → Spoons (The Berkeley)
Second stop → SWX

Tickets: https://goo.gl/JMYbHh

Bristol Chaos
The Atoms Family - BED@Analog

So the coolest kids on the block have joined forces to hit up Bunker! (I mean, Analog, but it'll always be bunker in our hearts).

Start the night with pres at your family and then roll on out to the Berkeley at 10:30 where you unorganised lot might still be able to pick up some tickets for Bunker (no promises)

We'll then get to Bunker for 11:30, where we'll glide past the queue with our priority entry.

Tickets are at a discounted price of £4 which you can buy online here:
Fusion: https://goo.gl/wY5N7R
Chaos: https://goo.gl/uZ6Ne2
Matrix: https://goo.gl/OjtXzO

Bristol Chaos
Planetarium and Pub - Exclusive 3D Double Show

On Tuesday 8th of November Chaos is heading to @bristol's planetarium for a double 3D showing including an exclusive never seen before show. After the show, we'll be heading to the Greenhouse pub, where we've secured 25% off for everyone coming to the show!

Grab a ticket from the SU and join us for what will be a great evening (http://www.bristolsu.org.uk/groups/chaos-physics/events)

Winter Stargazing 3D
-Using the most advanced Planetarium in the UK, a presenter will guide you around the Winter night sky for an unforgettable adventure.

We are Stars 3D
-We are Stars is an immersive science documentary. The film explores the secrets of our cosmic chemistry, our explosive origins and connects life on Earth to the evolution of the Universe.

Bristol Chaos
Chaos Careers - A free panel event

Hi guys! You may have heard of this before but Chaos is organizing a careers event for all of you who aren’t sure what to do after your physics degree, and all of you who know exactly what you want to do but would quite like to have a chat about it to someone doing it right now. To double the fun, all of the speakers are Bristol graduates or work in Bristol now!


The event would be in 2 parts :

  1. The speakers present themselves, talk about what they’re doing and answer all of your questions

  2. Everyone has a nice time networking with refreshments and a less formal atmosphere


So far, we have :

  • Tomas Poffley, Economic Analyst at National Grid

  • Beth Cotterell, works at @Bristol

  • Josh Levy-Kramer, Data Scientist

  • Jasper Bone, Ice-cream seller and former bread scientist in Australia

  • Christian Gilson, works at Winton Capital

  • Furqaan Yusaf, Lecturer at Bristol University


This is a great opportunity for you to explore all your career options even if you are a 1st year and feel like you’ve got YEAAAAAARS ahead to decide what to do (Spoiler alert : you don’t) and even if you are a postgrad and feel like it’s too late to change now (Spoiler alert 2 : it’s not).


The event is FREE for EVERYONE (yeay) but you need to book a ticket on the SU page as there are limited spaces available, using this link : https://goo.gl/wld0ed

Facebook event page: https://goo.gl/i8xFNd

Bristol Chaos
Physball 2016

The event you’ve all been waiting for Physball 2016. An evening of eating, drinking and dancing  followed by an after-party nearby.

WHERE: Bristol Museum and Art Gallery
WHEN: 6th December
WHO: Everybody who is anybody and anyone who is no one

More info: https://goo.gl/iW0rUu

Bristol Chaos