Welcome to Chaos

As so much has happened in the last week, we are bringing you a new update to the Chaos blog! (how exciting!!)

To begin with, we would like to welcome the 177 first years (and many others) that have now got Chaos membership! If you haven't already, make sure to join your year's Facebook group which can be accessed through our academic page.

We would also like to welcome the newest members of the Chaos committee: Marius (social secretary) and Angus (first year representative) - feel free to contact them if you have any ideas with regards to their respective roles (details available on the committee page).

Finally, demand for Physball this year was higher than we've ever seen before with the earlybird tickets selling out in one minute. The final release of Physball tickets are now up - make sure to grab yours for the biggest night of the Physics calendar!

You can grab your tickets from the link below - make sure to log into the SU site to access Chaos member-only tickets.

Tom Williams



Bristol Chaos