Airhop takeover!

In conjunction with Matrix and Fusion, Chaos have booked out Airhop (the world's largest trampoline park, apparently) for a session!

What better way to distress in the middle of a packed term than to jump around on trampolines, try to pull off a 360 basketball dunk, or wage war on your fellow scientists on the dodgeball courts and gladiator pits? (spoiler alert: there isn't a better way)

Date: 9th March

Time: 15:30

Location: Airhop Trampoline Park (The number 1 and 2 buses get you most of the way there)

Tickets are cheaper than normal (because we love you), and can be purchased on from the Union website.

Be there or don't be in mid air (that was awful, sorry) ;)

You will need special trampoline socks to bounce. If you have a pair from a previous visit to Airhop, that's great. If not, please buy the socks product on the union website, and we'll sort everyone out when we get there!

Bristol Chaos