Hoodie Design Competition!

Want to keep warm?  Wish that you had some kind of protection from the harsh winter?  Fed up that there's no solution to the fact that you're shivering during lectures?  WELL, FEAR NO MORE! We've put some of our best scientific minds on the issue, and decided to rectify it.  The solution?  A Chaos Society hoodie!

Only one snag though - we don't have a design. So we're reaching out to you, to get your creative mind on.

The deadline for submissions is 25th February. The best designs will be submitted to the public for voting, and if your design is picked, you will win a free hoodie of your own! Please submit your designs to bristolchaos@gmail.com as a PNG image.

When making your designs, bare in mind that it will need to be easy to print, and so to have a greater chance of winning, try to:

  • Keep it to a single colour (Normally things are printed as white lines on colourful backgrounds)
  • Submit your design as a line drawing
  • Have a transparent background (or solid colour background which we can make transparent)

For any queries, please enquire at Alec Cooper or Christy Nunns. Both are usually in Physbar at lunchtime, or you reach them using the Bristol Chaos Email (bristolchaos@gmail.com).

We look forward to seeing your designs soon!

Bristol Chaos